About Us

The Healthcare Institute for Innovations in Quality leads collaborations of multiple stakeholders committed to improving the quality, equity, and value of healthcare in the Kansas City region. 

Who We Are

Initiated in 2017 as the Kansas City Quality and Value Innovation Consortium (KC QVIC), our work began with discussions among healthcare leaders that resulted in active, multi-stakeholder collaborations focused on addressing challenges impacting the effectiveness, cost, and equity of healthcare for the region.

These collaborations, and the quality improvement projects that they launched, grew at a pace that required investment in infrastructure. Recognizing the value of these efforts and their need for robust infrastructure, the University of Missouri System leadership awarded the KC QVIC “institute” status under the University of Missouri – Kansas City, thus creating the Healthcare Institute for Innovations in Quality in 2021.

The Quality Improvement projects continue under the Institute as the Innovations in Quality Collaboratory (IQ Collaboratory).Through the IQ Collaboratory, the Institute’s founding vision is proving true: when hospital and healthcare systems collaborate, a cohesive learning healthcare community emerges, and the evidence-based strategies to improve the value and equity of care will be shared and implemented broadly.

The Institute also embraces an obligation to fuel the future of effective, value-driven healthcare by designing and delivering academic educational opportunities stimulating innovative thinking and exchanges through its bi-monthly Innovations in Quality Forums (IQ Forums).

Our Vision

For Kansas City to deliver the highest value, most equitable healthcare in the nation.

Our Mission

To catalyze and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborations to improve the quality, value and equity of healthcare in the Kansas City region.

Our Approach

With a focus on the strategic priorities of healthcare delivery enterprises and the needs of the community, we create multi-stakeholder alliances to spur innovation and expedite the effective implementation of evidence-based strategies.

Our Leaders

Our collaborative and forward-thinking leadership team is made up of dedicated healthcare professionals working together to make a difference and drive positive change.

Advisory Boards

The Healthcare Institute for Innovations in Quality benefits from the expertise of two distinct advisory bodies - our Strategic Advisory Board and the UMKC Advisory Board.

Funding Partners

Our work would not be possible without financial support from our funding partners to help bring our vision to life.